Organizational structures are different in many organizations. Increasingly, organizations are appreciating the role of corporate communications. Whether an organization is small or big, there has to be both the communication manager and technician (Broom & Dozier, 1986). The Communication Technician’s work involves technical writing, photography, videography, editing for grammatical errors, and keeping contacts for the press releases and related tasks. He is both a creator and disseminator of messages. In other words, the technician implements management decisions.  The Communication manager on the other hand is involved in strategy and policy formulation. They deal with long-term solutions, unlike technicians.

Depending on the organizational financial capacity, the two responsibilities are held by one and the same person. I would call this position “managercian.” The position involves thinking long term while offering short term communication solutions for the organization.

Whatever the case, an organization must ensure that different stakeholders see their organization as a consistent image that is consistent with the projected corporate identity. It is not enough to just identify the organization’s brand colors and logo. One has to go the extra mile of ensuring integrated communications from brochures, emails, phone calls, employees appearance, advertising campaigns to websites in tone, themes, visuals, and logos, etc (Cornelissen, 2014).

It is easier for managercian to achieve this outcome after a given period of experience. It takes patience, training, and coaching for new managers and technicians to achieve integrated communication in an organization. It does more good to seek assistance from reputable and experienced persons to help your organization to be seen, heard, and accepted.  


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