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  1. You have an incredibly inspiring journey! From overcoming challenges in communications to becoming an expert in the field. Refreshing!

    I feel privileged to be one of those you invested so much time and effort in mentoring, I am happy to have learned from the best. We will definitely miss you at FOCUS, but I am excited about your new journey. No doubt you are going to empower and inspire more people there. Thank you for your friendship as well.

    All the best in your endeavors!

  2. Hey Peter,

    Thank you so much for the honour of sharing your journey with us!

    It feels so surreal to go through the memories of your journey in FOCUS. Hata sijalia kidogo.

    If you had not obeyed that initial call, my life would have been different, I am what I am because you obeyed and took the call seriously and intentionally mentored, loved and discipled me. You taught me so much about life, family, marriage and Christianity. There are no words invented that could describe the difference you made in my life. I know that many who have interacted with you closely can testify the same. And I know your reward on earth and in heaven is great.

    As you transition, I just want you to know that you have done so well and have been a great blessing. I pray for you the very best in your next assignment. May the Lord continue using you even more powerfully, as you commit yourself fully like you have always done. May you and your family be blessed beyond your imagination.

    PS: I find the claim that you used to beat me in Ligretto very audacious 😂…. please retract that statement. Asante.

  3. This is a lovely documentation of your journey is FOCUS ministry.
    I am glad our Paths crossed. All the best my friend in your future plans. God is not done with you yet.

    PS: I am offended because my photo did not make it to your memorabilia. Ni sawa tu

  4. Hey P. Kimeu,
    I have loved your service and dedication towards the ministry that God called you to. I am sure that even in your next stage of life you’re going to achieve marvelous works and deeds.
    Lastly, I still don’t understand the transition from a physics teacher to a communications guru😅.I need more light on this at a person level.

    Stat. JRO

  5. Hey Peter;

    It was a great honour and joy to have been one of your mentor students while you were in Mombasa. We saw you work diligently and tirelessly for Focus. I personally experienced your montership first hand. Seems communication had started earlier i remember you training us on etiquette to apply while making communication to a Christian union -speaker- It was profound yet fun filled; 15years later i remember that training vividly.
    Of we course we still continue with our of air consultation!!
    God bless you

  6. Thank you Peter for sharing your journey in FOCUS with both clarity and wit. Your diligence and excellence as well as commitment to learn and pass on are evident. Thanks for impacting people even those kindergarten children you helped to revise for their exams. God’s blessings and leading in your next chapter in His vineyard!

  7. Peter I have interacted with you in the corridors of FOCUS and you have a great resource since when was a student and even thereafter. Your labor in FOCUS truly was an investment and you have impacted lives.
    Thank you for having chosen to work with FOCUS.

    As you transit to another phase, I pray that you will have good tidings your way.

  8. I happen to be among the mentees you had when you were about to exit FOCUS. The few months of mentorship and genuine friendship have been so uplifting and refreshing. I am glad to have worked with you even though for a short time. May God bless you abundantly and wishing you the very best in your new assignment.

  9. What a blessing to reflect on, write down, and share your journey with us. It encourages us to trust the one who sees the bigger picture and is ever faithful. Godspeed in your next station.

  10. This is amazing, it is so encouraging to see the faithfulness of God. I’m inspired and challenged by your story. May his grace continue to flow as you serve.

  11. I have a few thoughts about what would have happened if you said no. But it has been a pleasure to see the morphing you have had and its effect on all of us. This is inspiring to read. I pray that your next assignments will be incredibly inspirational as well.

  12. I admired your outstanding dedication and excellence at FOCUS Kenya, especially within the CCD Department. Your remarkable contributions have played a vital role in propelling FOCUS Kenya to new heights, and it’s clear that God has worked through you in remarkable ways.

    As you transition to the next phase of your journey, I pray that the Lord continues to guide and empower you with His divine wisdom.

    Thank you for sharing your talents with us and for your steadfast dedication. God bless your future endeavors, and may your light continue to shine wherever you go.

  13. Meeting you changed me! You had a great impact in my life as a person, my life of service and friendship in general. I praise God for using you to what am sure is impacting thousands of lives!

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